What is Financing?

As you browse various websites to learn more about how you can finance a new desktop or laptop PC, some questions may arise if you aren’t familiar with how financing works. Is it like paying for a computer with a credit card? Similar, yes, but in this case you are applying for the credit needed to take home one particular item, rather than a card that lets you buy multiple items. Is it like buying a house with a mortgage? Again, yes, only where you may need to offer a down payment on a home, some businesses will let you finance the computer you want for no money down.Financing is defined as a means of obtaining the resources to purchase an item, then paying back the loan in a set time period for a set monthly or weekly fee. In most cases, people turn to financing when buying a house, a boat, or a car, but there are instances when financing may be needed to purchase other necessities. For example, furniture stores may offer financing plans to people who wish to purchase entire room sets, and yes, there are business that sell computers and accessories with similar plans.You may be asking yourself now, why not just buy a computer on a credit card? While a convenient method for some, it isn’t for everybody. With interest rates as they are, the price of a purchased item on credit will fluctuate as the rate on the card increases – a person will definitely end up paying more than what the item is worth. Also, consider the fact that not everybody will qualify for certain credit cards and rates. You may receive numerous mailings proclaiming that you are prequalified for this or that card, but it is still possible to be turned down for credit, and missed payments on present cards will show up in your credit score. So when you do try to buy a house or a boat and alarms ring when your credit history is brought up, you know you’re in trouble!So how then, you wonder, can one qualify for financing with a smaller business? Smaller businesses take various factors into consideration, of course, as you apply for a loan through them. Most importantly, they look at employment status – do you generate a regular enough income to be able to make monthly payments? If you are in the military, you may find it easier to apply to credit on the basis of your employment. That you are taking in a steady wage from the government tells a business owner that you are good for the money you will need to pay back, and from there a reasonable payment plan can be made so you can enjoy your PC now and pay as time passes. With some businesses, your paystub could be the ticket to owning a nice computer.If you are interested in learning about financing, living on a budget, and other news of interest to military, you will find a wealth of information on the Internet to that respect. The Computer Connection, for one is proud to offer low financing plans to military personnel looking to buy PC desktops and laptops, and we assist civilian government workers and others as well. Such companies can be beneficial to military and civilian personnel who need a computer for work and leisure, yet need to budget their payments.

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